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General terms & conditions


Preise und Leistungen

Our written offer and your written order for a specific training, coaching or consulting project form the basis for a joint business agreement. The price includes all services of the agreed service package and excludes 20% VAT.

Additional services such as the provision of equipment or materials as well as photo protocols, seminar reports, etc. are to be defined in our offer and on your behalf. Our fees are calculated on the basis of daily rates, aliquot hourly rates or training units (TE of 45 minutes or 60 minutes). Depending on the agreed training location, travel costs for public transport or official mileage allowance as well as travel time replacement will be charged.

Unless otherwise agreed, the course fees are due before the beginning of the course. The value of prepaid units / trainings can also be transferred to other persons and products of mind&more afterwards and remains valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.


The cancellation of individual training units for group courses or individual lessons must be announced at least 25 hours before the agreed date (for Monday at the latest on Friday at 1 p.m.). Otherwise the agreed lessons will be considered as consumed and charged at 100%.

If an already agreed group course or individual lesson is cancelled completely within 30 days of confirmation or after commencement, all agreed training units are to be paid for the following four weeks from the date of cancellation or, in the absence of an agreed date, 8 training units.

This also applies to cancellations of current courses.

In the event of cancellation of seminars (i.e. all events with a scope of 4 training units or more), we will charge 25% of the agreed fee up to 30 days before the start of the service, 50% within 14 days before the start of the service and 100% within 3 days before the start of the service.


In the case of group courses or individual lessons, the postponement of training units must be announced at least 25 hours before the agreed date (for Monday at 13:00 on Friday at the latest). Otherwise the agreed units will be considered as consumed and charged at 100%.

If a seminar or consulting/coaching appointment, which was agreed for more than 4 training units in a row, is postponed to a fixed date within six months, only half of the percentages stated in the cancellation conditions shall come into effect if the periods between the postponement and the performance date specified in the cancellation conditions are maintained—e.g. 15% of the agreed fee shall be charged for postponement within 14 days prior to the performance date and 12.5% of the agreed fee shall be charged for postponement within 30 days prior to the performance date


The conditions of cooperation with the trainer are always agreed directly with mind&more. The trainer is not entitled to change the conditions of cooperation without consulting mind&more. We make every effort to ensure that the trainers chosen by you provide continuous instruction. Nevertheless, for unforeseeable reasons, a change of trainer may occur in exceptional cases. This does not entitle the participant(s) to withdraw from the contract.


The documents created by us in the course of a seminar or project work are the intellectual property of mind&more and are exclusively available to those persons who personally participated in the event. For other persons and/or organizations the use of this material is subject to our written permission.


For all disputes, the competent court in Vienna shall be agreed as the place of jurisdiction.

By accepting our offer or the order for a consulting project, the customer declares his full agreement with these terms and conditions, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.